The Mind Reels


The crew of the Raza are back tonight on Space, and after last week’s reveal, this Friday couldn’t get quick enough!!

Each of the crew, in their own way, seems to be trying to deal with the possible revelation about who they actually are, and what that means for their current assignment. Do they help the colonists as One (Marc Bendavid) and Two (Melissa O’Neil) seem to think, or should they just wipe them out like they were supposed to? Most of them seem less than thrilled about learning they are possible murderers and pirates, though it does explain a lot of their physical skills.

The Android (Zoie Palmer) and Five (Jodelle Ferland) chat about what the uncovered files may mean, and why Five wasn’t listed in them. She’s not convinced, she KNOWS, that someone has stolen their memories, and she knows they did it for a reason, she just…

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