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“Where,” you no doubt are asking, “is that awesome VFX -laden trailer you promised us?”  Well, they’re stuck in the pipeline (like Homer Simpson in that waterslide) and, hopefully, will be coming your way BEFORE the premiere – because, after all, that’s the whole point of releasing this trailer: to get you even more excited about Dark Matter (as if that were possible!) and let any potential fence sitters and naysayers know just how cool this show will be!

Another teaser promo, compliments of Space Channel. “We’re dangerous!”:

Variety reviews our first episode:

“Adapted from Dark Horse Comics, “Dark Matter” uses a tantalizing mystery to achieve liftoff, then does a pretty nifty job of establishing its characters to bring the audience along for the ride.”

Meanwhile, over at Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s tough to become attached to anyone just yet, but fun scenes of discovery and a twist ending should…

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