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The big monitor in the mess hall is adorned with a continuous cycle of images, little reminders of home world Earth: desert vistas, forests, schools of fish.  And then there was this.  Pictured above from left to right: ONE (Marc Bendavid), the Android (Zoie Palmer), and TWO (Melissa O’Neil).


Shooting in the marauder today – with the back door open.  It can get mighty window several miles up.


Guards quarters in progress.


This morning, I had the greatest bread pudding ever.  The secret, apparently, is to use croissants!


Meanwhile, Akemi was at it again, baking up not one but TWO pecan pies for set.


With accompanying whipped cream.  And a little something for vegan Alex Mallari Jr.

Today, director Martin Wood completed work on episode #111.  And in record time no less!  It was great working with him again, just like the old days.  Looking forward to seeing him again…

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