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I think I may have pulled my heart muscle.  Seriously.  I suspect I may have done it during a recent frenzied coughing fit.  During the day, I feel fine but at night, it feels as though I did two hundred left handed one-arm push-ups before bed.

Also feel a wicked headache coming on, the type that creeps up on you late Friday afternoon and lasts through the weekend, well into Monday…


Started the morning with an 8 a.m. appointment for Jelly.  On the positive side, the ultrasound results came back clean.  No masses or shadows or missing car keys.


On the negative side, her issues could be spinal, neurological, Cushing’s Disease, or a smorgasbord comprised of any variations of the the three aforementioned possibilities.


One of the half dozen diagrams the specialist drew for us during our one hour visit.

Coming up: A visit to the neurologist!  More tests!  And…

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