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Following a day in which I was on set for main unit call, then drove over to editing where I finished my prod cut of episode #107, then picked up rum cakes for the crew on my drive back to set, sat in on the production meeting for episode #110, went back to set, had script meetings for episodes #112 and #113, headed back to set, then sat in on an impromptu script meeting for episode #110 – I am burned out.  And ready for bed.

But I have a blog to write!

As much as I’m tempted to skip an entry (It happens on occasion), I can’t.  I haven’t missed a daily update in eight years.  Also, you guys pay good money to be entertained and enlightened.

So, rather than disappoint you with a half-ass blurb, I’m going to wow you instead.  With set pics from random episodes!  And…

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