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Wow.  I repeat.  Wow!  SyFy sent us the rough cut of the early Dark Matter promo they’ve been working on and it is awesome.  We’re a long way from finished visual effects so you’ll have to wait for the NEXT trailer to see those, but THIS trailer is pretty amazing all the same.  I must have screened it a couple of dozen times for the cast and crew.  A big congrats and thanks to SyFy’s Bill Trojanowski and his team.  Can’t wait for you all to see it.


The sharply-dressed Bruce McDonald completed work on episode #107 and now heads to editing for his director’s cut.  From what I hear, he’s got A LOT to work with.


Director T.W. Peacocke, two days into episode #108, spends his lunch break prepping for a loooong afternoon in the quarters and corridor.


Director Ron Murphy oversees the episode #109 production meeting.  He’s all smiles…

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