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Last up tonight was the extra scene I wrote for episode #107.  Whenever I write one of these, it invariably ends up being an Android scene because the character is so damn fun to write for – because Zoie Palmer is so damn good at playing her. This one was a particularly tricky corridor encounter and Zoie herself confided that, while she doesn’t usually get nervous before a scene, this one was a bit of an exception.  Not that it showed.  She NAILED it.  The crew had a hell of a time keeping it together during the four takes – but completely lost it, along with the equally terrific Marc Ben-David, during the rehearsal.  I’ve spent the past two hours walking around the apartment, shouting “TWOOOO DOZEN!” at the top of my lungs.  Mark it!  Episode #107, Scene 27A, Int. Ship – Corridor H: ONE and the Android.  I guarantee…

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