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Thanks for the plumbing advice.  I really should have consulted with you all from the start.  A half dozen frenzied jams of a handy plunger and the blockage was instantly dislodged, allowing the trapped water to finally run free – and right through the hole I put in the pipe with that coat hanger.

If this incident has taught me anything (besides “Try a plunger first before attempting to use a coat hanger to dislodge a blockage”), it’s that I don’t give you guys enough to credit.  If I’d asked for your opinions sooner, that red bucket wouldn’t be a permanent fixture under my sink now.  Now I regret writing all those Dark Matter scripts without your input!

Hey, guess who I ran into yesterday?  No, but close!  I crossed paths with Julie Benz, Defiance‘s Mayor Amanda Rosewater, and we ended up talking about our respective shows, our upcoming premieres, and…

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