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Today, I treated the crew to some food truck action.  Minus the food truck because it’s too early.  Instead, Fidel Gastro’s ( set up shop in the lunch room and served up a surprise dinner.



SGT Slather: bbq pulled pork, guacamole, house made corn chips
Diablo’s Right Wing: spicy shredded chicken with carrot aioli Shakshuka: spicy tomato stewed eggplant, zucchini and onions with creamy goats cheese

Pad Thai Fries Mixed Green Salad


“Do you want to leave a message for the cast and crew?”asked Exec Producer’s assistant Alison Hepburn.

At first, I thought I’d pass and then, upon further consideration, decided to go with…


For dessert, we had cupcakes and cake as our special guest star celebrated her birthday today Dark Matter style: in the ship’s underbelly!


Another special guest star of sorts visited set today as writer Michael Simpson dropped by to do some interviews…

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