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Director Lee Rose calling the shots on the ISS Far Horizon.

Hey, with all this talk about socks of late, I’ve really been remiss in not displaying actress Jodelle Ferland’s unique sock sense – on display at last night’s Walking Dead soiree:


Speaking of socks. Natalie informs me I’ve also been remiss in not posting the recent pair she sported for this blog’s Sock of the Day ongoing feature.  Voila!


She’s particularly proud of those anthropomorphic pants.

Well, well, well.  Look at who got a haircut…


Caitlin Brown (Executive in Charge of Business Affairs AND Development) sports her new do.  She’s been doing something new with her hair.  And I LOVE IT!

Whoowhee!  Big night ahead as I’ve got Amanda Tapping’s director’s cut of episode #104 to watch and give notes on ahead of a visit to editor Paul Day tomorrow morning!

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