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I came across the above in the production offices this week.  Just in time for my weekly Walking Dead night.  This week, we were joined by my writing partner, Paul, who never watched an episode of the show before – and promised to keep his mouth shut during the telecast.

Well, I finally made some progress on our season finale, episode #113.  As so often happens, I’ll agonize over those first half dozen scenes, writing and rewriting them, spending weeks tweaking the dialogue, at which point I’ll become so frustrated that I’ll just push through the script, doubling my output in a single day.  What I’ll have, of course, I’ll hate but, after more rewrites and tweaks, it’ll grow on me.  I’m out of Act I and into Act II.  Top of page 21!


Pictured above: When the restaurant hostess walks over and affixes THIS to the neighboring table, that’s your…

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