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Between prep, production, and post, I hardly have time for anything else.  Hell, I hardly have time for prep, production, and post.  If I’m prepping an episode, I can’t be on set.  If I’m on set, I can’t be in editing.  And if I’m in editing, I can’t be in prep.  So what’s an Executive Producer to do?  Well, if you know someone with production experience (producing AND directing) and that someone shares your script sensibilities, then you hire them to set sit for you.  Which is exactly what we did.

Introducing new Dark Matter consulting producer Ivon Bartok who will be overseeing production of episodes #106 through #109. His duties will include script consultations, shot surveillance, and the putting out of fires both literal and figurative.  But especially literal.


First order of business after taking the grand tour of the sets and meeting the DM gang was Ivon’s induction…

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