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I ate like garbage box.

– Akemi today after lunch, her way of letting me know she ate too much.


Pictured above: the chocolates I got Akemi for Valentine’s Day.  Jean-Paul Hevin, shipped from Paris.  They arrived three days ago and sat in the fridge because Akemi wanted to wait.  A dried fruit and nut chocolate medley for her – and I surprised myself with a bunch of dark chocolate bars.  I am SO thoughtful!

Today, Jodelle finally took us up on our offer and joined us for a morning and afternoon of food-oriented fun!  First stop, the farmer’s market for an organic fix.


Well, well, well.  Look who knitted herself a Whovian scarf.


Chocolate-covered strawberries all around at the St. Lawrence Market.  Dark chocolate for Akemi.  White chocolate and strawberry for Jodelle.  But nothing for the clearly disappointed guy in the middle.  He missed out.


Jodelle HAD…

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