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We’ve taken a break from our shipboard routine, journeying to the far flung corners of colonized space for a little R&R.  Our first stop was S-CYGNI-4, a remote way station renown for its sketchy entertainment district and signature cosmic croissants.


Then it was off to check out the scene at space station Shaofu 2.  A little shopping, a little drinking, and maybe a little gambling.  What’s your game?  Fizzbin?  Dabo? Sabacc?  Pazaak?  Tall Card?  Triad?


Or perhaps you prefer the 700 year old game of Blackjack?  If it’s the latter, then Matt Purdy, stand-in extraordinaire, is your man.  Today, Matt gave us all a lesson in card counting.  But, before we could put what he’d taught us to use, the Galactic Authority was alerted and we had to scramble.

Amanda in action!Our fearless leader, director Amanda Tapping, ensured that everyone returned to the ship before making good our escape.

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