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Yesterday, I was working with editing wizard Paul Day on episode #101; today, I worked with editing wizardess (I think that’s what they call ’em) Wendy Hallam Martin on episode #102.  We enjoyed a delightful afternoon, taking the episode apart and reassembling it like a jigsaw puzzle in a frustrating attempt to ensure none of our act breaks were short.  Regardless, Wendy was positively lovely company.  Oh, and she cut a super kick-ass second episode of Dark Matter.

While I was cutting #102 with Wendy, Exec Producer Jay Firestone was working on  #101, finessing the fight scenes, building the character moments, and bringing the episode down to time.  Looking forward to watching his prod cut tomorrow. And counting up those extra visual effects shots.


My morning actually started bright and early in Hamilton where Amanda Tapping was directing her very first day on Dark Matter.  What fun!  Over…

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