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There’s an old saying in the business: “We’ll fix it in post”.  In other words, when everyone else gets through screwing things up, it falls on the editor to work his/her magic and save the day.  Oh, you think I’m kidding but you’d be surprised how many adequate movies have been transformed into truly great films by the clicks and sweeps of a skillful editor. Yes, editing is one of the most crucial – and under-appreciated – elements of the production process and its always a genuine pleasure to work with the best.  As is and will be the case on Dark Matter‘s first season.  Way back in pre-production, we were given a list of names to choose from.  All came highly recommended but, at the end of the day, one individual’s opinion trumped all others – that of former Stargate ace editor: Mike Banas, P.I.  The two names at the top…

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