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“My hair is hauntedly long.”

– Akemi today, presumably comparing her hair to Ringu’s creepy crawling Sadako.

I spent much of the weekend going over the director’s cut of episode #101 (directed by T.J. Scott, edited by Paul Day).  It’s pretty awesome – and will be awesomer still once they’ve addressed my persnickety notes (“add/trim head/tail”, “swap the wide for a closer shot”, “swap the close up for a wide shot”, “slug for insert”, “More ship!”).  I’m in for main unit call tomorrow so I can catch as much of the corridor/airlock sequences as possible and do the production meeting before heading over to editing.

Today, I showed Akemi Alex Mallari Jr’s bo staff sequence.  Her first response was: “Kung Fu Panda!”  Her second response was: “Very cool!”


This afternoon, I visited The Comic Pile in Kensington Market and picked up the above-pictured titles.  It’s been a while.  Following the…

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