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Yesterday, I released the script for episode #110.  When I told Paul, he called me cruel for doing so without putting out #111 as well.  The script went out at 8:00 p.m. last night and, between set-ups, the actors were huddled around their cell phones, reading.  By the time I got home an hour later, there were a bunch of text messages awaiting me:

“YOU GIVE US 10 TO LEAVE US HANGING?!?!” (Alex Mallari Jr.)

“JoE!!!!!!  What the hell!!!!!!” (Melissa)

“Aaaaaahhhhh” (Jodelle)

Wait ’til they read #111.  And #112!  Or – holy crap – 113!  My life may be in danger after #113!


Episode #104 prep meeting with Linda and Renee and Renee’s dogs.  Executive Producer’s Assistant, Alison Hepburn, keeps us all in line.

Today, I delivered another round of treats to set from Akemi:


I corrected her this morning, pointing out it’s “peanut butter” not “peanuts butter”.  She countered…

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