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“Somebody stole my car!”was my first thought as I stared out at the desolate lot.  A single automobile sat out there, occupying the spot formerly occupied by my Durango.  A Durango too, but cleaner, shinier, and less salt-encrusted.

Yes, as with yesterday’s incident involving that homeless woman who turned out not to be homeless at all but actually my friend Tara, I discovered that appearances can be deceiving.  In this case, the guys in our Transport department had whisked my car away, washed it, filled the gas tank, and then returned it. They’re like shoe elves – but for cars!



Transport Coordinator Tony Bifano and…


…Transport Captain Tom Chapman.

They’re the best!  I predict another batch of bourbon cookies in their near future!

HUGE day on the bridge today.  Our biggest yet!  Director Paolo Barzman was in the thick of it all, orchestrating the action like a…

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