hadesWhat the Hades is going on?

Zee wants Bo to think they’re on the same side and that they share a common goal – to stop Hades from escaping the underworld and ending life on Earth as we know it.

I have my doubts.

Zee doesn’t seem trustworthy. I have trouble believing that someone who wants to be aligned with Bo in stopping the Big Bad Dad would also be responsible for killing a lot of people indiscriminately as she works to establish herself in a new world. It’s like this broken calculator that I have – it doesn’t add up.

Zee and Heratio have also kept Iris tied up in her bedroom with some industrial-strength restraints. While Iris does seem to harbor a destructive power within herself – the Nix, a power born of chaos which confers upon Iris the Midas touch of death – it was put into…

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