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“I really like Joe,”said our Assistant Production Manager Robbie David.  “He’s always so positive.”

“Positive?”asked my writer partner, Paul, instantly dubious.  Having known me for well over twenty-five years, he’d be the first to tell you that “positive” would probably be well down on the list of adjectives used to paint a picture of yours truly (falling somewhere between “druidic” and “herbaceous”).   “Joe?”

“Yeah,”said Robbie.  “I saw him on his way in.  He was talking about how great it was that he had the opportunity to see different parts of Ontario like Hamilton and Kitchener.”

A full three seconds of silence and then, Paul: “Robbie, he was being sarcastic.”

“He was?”

Yes, apparently, that happens a lot – people taking my sarcasm for genuine sincerity.  So, to be clear: I DON’T think a rogue equipment manager is to blame for ensuring quarterback Tom Brady had some nice grippably deflated…

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