WOW. I barely know where to start with this episode. It seems like the writers took all the fan wish list items, loose plot threads, and missing conversations and decided to address them all in one fell swoop.

Here’s a list of all the things that happened in this episode that fall into one of those three categories:

1. Doccubus sex!

2. Lauren wearing ONLY a lab coat.

3. A long-awaited conversation between Lauren and Bo about Karen Beattie. “Karen Beattie all over me!”

It made me laugh how the conversation actually went:

“A lot of people died. I was responsible.”

“We have more in common than I thought!”

Very efficient, ladies! If only all such conversations could be conducted with such brevity and alacrity.

4. Bo and Tamsin talked about their feelings for each other, and Bo was straightforward with Tamsin about how she felt. They’ve needed to have…

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