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Director Paolo Barzman settles in. Director Paolo Barzman settles in.

Day #2 of prep on episode #103 with director Paolo Barzman who traveled all the way from Hong Kong to work on Dark Matter!  I’d been hearing great things about the man for weeks and, after meeting I have to say – they weren’t wrong. He’s a foodie, a fearless eater, a chocolate aficionado – oh, and also a very smart guy with some great ideas for our next episode.  Today, we convened downstairs for the Art Department meeting for some heavy set construction and green screen discussions, then walked over to wardrobe for the Costumes meeting.  We talked about the script, watched some dailies and, of course, ate some doughnuts from this place:

Nat Cooper swung by my office after lunch to “Oh, by the way” show me a photo of their doughnut selection.  She wasn’t suggesting we get doughnuts of course…

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