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Looking at a mighty busy week upcoming.  Production on Dark Matter‘s first two episodes shift to location work.  We’ll be in Hamilton Monday to Wednesday, then Kitchener Thursday to Friday.  I’ll be joining them on the outskirts on three of our five out days, but Wednesday and Thursday will see me at the production offices as prep gets underway for episode #103.  Up Wednesday is a set walkthrough with director Paolo Barzman, the concept meeting, and a space suit look-see.  On Thursday, it’s meetings galore: costumes, playback, art department, and visual effects.

Also on Wednesday, my french bulldog, Lulu, is scheduled to go in for eye surgery. I say “scheduled” because I’m hoping for an 11th hour miracle that may avert her going under the knife.  While in Montreal, she stumbled over her shuffling paws (damn dog booties!) and did a face plant on the salted pavement that saw…

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