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“I want you to do a favor for me,”said my mother.

“Okay,”I said, assuming she wanted me to look up some old friend now that I was in Toronto.

“I want you to call someone for me…”

Knew it.

“Phone [man’s name] and find out if he’s still alive.”


“I was his assistant many years ago,”she explained, ” and used to babysit his children.  They came to visit once when we first moved to Montreal.  Just phone and ask how he’s doing.”

Given the fact that my mother celebrated her 80th birthday last year, I thought it highly unlikely that a former employer whose kids she used to babysit would still be around.  Still –   “Hang on,”I said.  “You want me to call up a complete stranger to find out if he’s still alive?”

“Oh, just say my name.  They’ll know me.”

“Then shouldn’t YOU be the one…

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