Last week’s episode operated on a slightly larger scale than usual, and this episode opens with one of the biggest set pieces they’ve done. Destroyed cars, more extras, smoke machines, all that sort of thing. They darken the screen and color it green to get across the ‘storm’ idea and bring about the feel of DOOOOOOOOM, but it definitely goes *too* dark.

And that’s pretty much how the whole episode goes. Using a power outage as cover, everything is lit and/or colored in post with hazy greens, dim blues, saturated yellows. One of the prettiest scenes is when Dyson goes to confront our widow/not-widow/widow Alycia, and the house set is lit with candles, Dyson’s face is illuminated, then they wash out Alycia and husband/not husband in soft blue backgrounded with orange candles, but they key is they don’t over-darken or hypersaturate the whole thing. Everything is visible, and everything has a purpose. The…

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