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Sure, he has suspect taste in movies and, yeah, he’s a Denver Broncos fan but, damnit, I can’t help but really like 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn – partly for his sense of humour, partly because he’s a fellow foodie and fantasy football enthusiast, but mainly because he’s the guy who makes sure WE get it done.

Brandon, director T.J. Scott's right-hand man. Brandon, director T.J. Scott’s right-hand man.

He’s the one who generates the production schedules, marrying scenes and piecing together locations to ensure we’re able to make our days and complete our episode in the time allotted.  He’s the director’s right hand man, the no-nonsense force that polices the set, making sure things run smoothly, efficiently, and delay-free.  He’ll call you out – no matter who YOU are (which I learned firsthand on the first day of production).

And he's got the left hand covered as well. And he’s got the left hand covered as well.

Watch for Brandon to make a cameo…

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