Lost Girl doesn’t do Epic.

No battles across sprawling fields, no cities exploding, no grand sweeping camera movements. Lost Girl lives in the smaller moments, the interpersonal connections, the plots where nobody leaves the room but a body swap forces feelings into the open. That’s not a knock: have a niche, make it work for you. Etcetera. Sometimes, stretch yourself, like this episode does, and go a little bigger, but don’t always expect it to work for you. This episode uses more extras than last season’s hellmouth Pyrippus vortex, several CGI’d effects, at least one stunt double, and more graphics work and props department than any episode to date.

BRING ON THE STORM! is definitely meaningful.

Problem being, the episode just doesn’t gel. That isn’t necessarily because it goes big, or because its writer doesn’t know how to deal with tropes (Sandra Chwialkowska did “Adventures in Fae-bysitting” and “The Kenzi Scale”), but it does…

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