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Well, as a result of the injury I sustained yesterday (see last entry for all the gory details), I was unable to turn or put any pressure on my side and had to spend the entire night lying flat on my back.  I also can’t twist, jump, run, or perform aerial gymnastics (the latter is a particularly bitter pill to swallow).  This morning, I visited set during rehearsal and asked Zoie Palmer (aka Lost Girl’s Dr. Lauren) for a follow-up medical opinion.  Her prognosis was grim and then she turned down my request for a prescription and informed me I should consult with a real doctor.  And yet she still charged me for the consult!

This morning, we had an 8:00 a.m. color session at Deluxe, our post-production facility, to review and discuss the H/M/W (Hair, Make-up, Wallaby) tests we did yesterday.  We’re taking down a scar, making some cheeks a little…

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