Sometimes, a cut is just a cut.

And sometimes, it’s something more.

The opening scene ends with the camera on Bo’s card, reading “Love Daddy.” The cut to the next scene lands us on a man saying he ‘up and left’ and is reclaiming ‘who I used to be’, both of which could be Hades-esque. Whoever he is, he’s soon to prove he also has some incubus-like mojo going, quickly turning Cassie from bored and annoyed to turned on.

Using this restaurant for both date scenes saves a whole extra company move, setup, etc. Very nice, producers.

But whether it’s Bo’s actual dad or not: he’s dressed like that, while on a blind date, with a girl, on Lost Girl. It’s pretty obvious he’s up to no good, and so we fear for Cassie. Cassie, who is way hotter dressed as not an over-the-top stereotype. (Just a fact. Aspiring wardrobe artists, take note.) She’s also at least a little bit gay. Again, Lost Girl! Where…

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