You know the drill. Possible spoilers through 03.13. All reviews here.

As this episode functions not only as the season lynchpin, but also the series pilot, I’m doing my first-ever double-review. ‘Vexed: The Pilot’ is coming Thursday.

UPDATE: ‘How Vexed Works As The Perfect Pilot’ is here.

This episode opens with physical violence, Dyson striking his punching bag as a bloodied Bo staggering down a long hallway. The cuts suggest the emotional pounding Bo is taking, but the scene quickly segues into Bo coercing Dyson into rough, healing sex. Excuse me: rough, extremely hot, female-instigated, wall-shaking, healing sex.

The focus - of the scene and the camera - is on Bo's physical injuries, not Dyson's pain or pleasure.

The awakening from post-coital bliss is almost as rough, with an almost instant argument about Lauren. “She’s never gonna love you,” Dyson pouts. “Who said anything about love?” Bo asks. Dyson finally puts his foot down, for realsies this time, that he’s done being used for sex, er, healing.


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