This is a guest post from our friend MaigrayBell. Follow her @MaigrayBell on twitter. Thank you, Maigray!

So Sally asked me to do an entry on this episode for a different perspective. And I said okay. I was late watching it, and had to mute half my timeline to avoid spoilers. Then I had to mute the other half of it while I wrote this so…here it goes.

The first thing I noticed about the episode was the title. It had the sort of backhanded humor I love about the show. I do miss the puns.

I have to admit, the opening sequence had me in stitches. You could have taken it straight from Guardians of the Galaxy, except funnier, snarkier and with more physical comedy from Rachel Skarsten. Switching gender roles delights me every time.

Am I the only one who was hoping she would just…slide off the bed…

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