KHR's comedic facial expressions do not get near enough workout. They're fantastic.

This episode has a plot as sort of a necessity, since that’s what episodes of television do. But mostly, it is concerned with character, theme, and arc housekeeping. In that order.

Of course, it also manages to sneak in double entendres, starting right off the bat with an obvious rollers-as-phallic-substitutes bit. (Some thoughts on the other things hidden within this scene here.)

The actual mystery is easy and paint-by-numbers, even when most of the painting happens off-screen and gets exposited by Tamsin. The four themes it touches on – being Chosen, family, honor, and how women are heroic but overlooked for men – are the important takeaways. (Of all shows to have a plot placing a premium on truth-telling, this is maybe not the one which can take the highest moral ground, but it makes for good fables.) In classic dude-in-fables manner, we get family infighting, a brother taking…

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