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After a seemingly endless wait for the show to get green the light, we’re now charging full speed ahead toward our January production dates.  This week, construction began on our standing sets.  First up, our ship, The Raza, which will include the bridge, corridors, an infirmary, mess hall, training room, various corridors and airlocks.  The design work looks pretty awesome, and I fully intend to share the specs and pics with you in the coming days and weeks.  Also, our Set Designer Doug Slater has put together a terrific 3D walk-thru of our soon-to-bridge – which you’ll also get a chance to check out very soon.

x Craig, our Head Carpenter, oversees the action

x And so it begins!

x Our set is raised to allow for stashing of loot and offer hiding places for the director. 

x The layout for this stage

x It’s all happening in the Hello Kitty Pavilion

Meanwhile, our first…

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