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“So what does Caitlin do?”I asked as part of my first day bid to know absolutely everything about absolutely everyone.

“She’s Head of Business Affairs,”I was told.

“No, really.”


Really?  Caitlin Brown was one of the very first people I’d met.  She’d come into my office and chatted about film, television, and books (she’s going to recommend some of her Scandinavian favorites).  I’d found her super pleasant, incredibly engaging, instantly likeable – and. thus, thoroughly atypical of most of the Business Affairs Execs I’d dealt with over the years.  I almost didn’t believe it at first but, upon closer scrutiny, the tell-tale signs were there: the closed office door, the authoritative phone voice, the occasional no nonsense attitude.  She meant business.  Business Affairs business!  And further internal research revealed that she, in fact, holds sway over two departments as Executive in Charge of Business Affairs AND Development.  A most…

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