Happy October! Here’s some interesting and/or unusual Lost Girl-related news for you all. On October 30, three of us who are associated and/or friendly with UNALIGNED are going to present a panel about Lost Girl at the 2014 Film and History Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. How did this happen? We’re still not sure, but Doccuficient is somehow responsible.

Hopefully our panel won't put everyone to sleep Hopefully our panel won’t put everyone to sleep

Our panel is in the LGBT track, Queer Film and Television I, and is titled:

“Low Budget, High Aspirations:  Lost Girl and the Paradoxes of Representation in a ‘Post-Queer’ Universe.”

Here’s who is presenting, with a brief bio of each of us as well as the abstracts that we submitted for our papers:

Sally Green Heaven, Independent Scholar. That’s me! I’m one of the four collaborative bloggers here at UNALIGNED and a fan of Lost Girl (obv). I called myself an Independent…

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