Zoie Palmer [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

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Zoie Palmer on Lost Girl

(10 pm EST, Syfy)

We’ve saluted the amazing Anna Silk as the star of Lost Girl, and now we’re taking a hard look at Zoie Palmer as her cunning co-star. That’s mostly because Zoie plays the lovely lesbian Lauren Lewis. Her character is hot enough to get the bisexual succubus Bo (that’s Anna) into the sack for some potentially fatal sex. That complicates the plot of this bizarre Canadian show, since Bo is also attracted to manly Detective Dyson—who runs around as a werewolf when he isn’t busy solving crimes. Fans of Lost Girl have quickly claimed their teams. Zoie’s fans tend to refer to her character as “Dr. Hotpants,” and you’ll understand why after checking out this hot gallery of the icy blonde! (You’ll warm up to her more on Twitter.) We’ve got everything from shots of Zoie to video stills of…

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It’s Time: Lost Girl as LGBT TV Game-Changer

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I told you that three of us who are either associated or friendly with UNALIGNED were going to present at the 2014 Film and History conference, where the theme was “Golden Ages.” The prompt for the LGBT track was “Given all of the representation we’re seeing, are we in a Golden Age for LGBT representation on TV?” Well, we did it! I also didn’t really tell you how it came about because I like to cultivate an air of mystery. Here’s the backstory:  my blog colleague Doccuficient had found this conference and recruited a group to present, assuring us that she would chair our panel and lend us an air of legitimacy. Then, in a classic bait-and-switch, she decamped halfway around the world with the flimsy excuse of ” groundbreaking research,” “awesome opportunity” and “beats unemployment.” I know, right? Some people. Anyway, we soldiered on without her and we’ll…

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Erica Durance’s Saving Hope Finds a New Stateside Home

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Paddles!!! Saving Hope is being brought back to life Stateside.

TVLine has learned that ION Television has reached an agreement with Entertainment One Television to host the upcoming 18-episode third season of the Canadian-produced, Erica Durance-fronted medical drama, as well as get dibs on repeats of the first two cycles.

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Saving Hope Season 3 debuts Sept. 22 on Canada’s CTV; no timetable has yet been announced for ION’s broadcasts.

Set at Hope Zion Hospital, the supernatural-tinged drama follows Dr. Hope Hope Dr. Alex Reid (Smallville’s Durance), a surgeon whose fiancé/Chief of Surgery (Stargate SG-1‘s Michael Shanks) at one time narrated the goings-on from a comatose state; now awake, he can see “ghosts”/spirits. The cast also includes Daniel Gilles (The Originals), Huse Madhavji, Julia Taylor Ross and Kristopher Turner.

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Lost Girl: Season 4 Redux

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I was going to write a more thorough breakdown, but then I was invited to talk to Drinks at the Dal in their season overview podcast (which you can watch live this Sunday and/or listen to later). We’re going to talk about structure and pacing and motifs and color and character arcs and all those sorts of things, so rather than redundantly repeat myself, I’ll just give you a quick intro and get into speculation – er, answering questions.

The show has certainly morphed from being more like Buffy to more like LOST. Both are things I love, but are also very, very different. The back end of this season was definitely overloaded with Big Picture plot, (though the climactic plot was more clearly spread out through the season than last), and it also suffered Spider-man 3 syndrome of having a lot of villains in a close space. If I…

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Talking Lost Girl at LGBT Film & TV Conference

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Happy October! Here’s some interesting and/or unusual Lost Girl-related news for you all. On October 30, three of us who are associated and/or friendly with UNALIGNED are going to present a panel about Lost Girl at the 2014 Film and History Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. How did this happen? We’re still not sure, but Doccuficient is somehow responsible.

Hopefully our panel won't put everyone to sleep

Hopefully our panel won’t put everyone to sleep

Our panel is in the LGBT track, Queer Film and Television I, and is titled:

“Low Budget, High Aspirations:  Lost Girl and the Paradoxes of Representation in a ‘Post-Queer’ Universe.”

Here’s who is presenting, with a brief bio of each of us as well as the abstracts that we submitted for our papers:

Sally Green Heaven, Independent Scholar. That’s me! I’m one of the four collaborative bloggers here at UNALIGNED and a fan of Lost Girl (obv). I called myself an Independent…

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Lost Girl: A Guilty Pleasure You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

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Images courtesy of Showcase Lost Girl site

We all have guilty pleasures. Maybe you’re a hardcore leftist intellectual whose partner publishes dense books on comparative religion and you read People Magazine on the sly; maybe you’re a professor of Music specializing in Medieval religious music and you follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter and have every one of her albums; maybe your an avowed fan and proponent of the detective novel as major literature, a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, and a regular speaker on the influence of Doyle on modern detective fiction, but you have every episode of Scooby Doo on your Tivo. I dunno what yours is; I just know that people have them.

For me it’s usually some TV show or other. I can rationalize it; for example, I can make a good case that my love of Kim Possible shows my feminist leanings, my support of…

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Mistresses Season 2 Finale Recap: Bride Goeth Before a Fall

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Warning: If you have yet to watch the Mistresses Season 2 finale, please skip this recap and head to another TVLine story. Everyone else, dive right in — the water is perfect!

Her long white gown flutters in the Pacific Ocean breeze. She runs to him, reckless and breathless, and God (or perhaps a really astute stylist) intervenes, making his tattered old t-shirt magically disappear, revealing a torso smoother and sturdier than the Quartz kitchen countertop of your home-design fantasies.

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Suddenly, she is astride him — their lips locked, their hands intertwined, her hair looking like it’s ready for a starring role in an Herbal Essences commercial. The soundtrack swells. And then, as cruelly as the suns rays taunt her sinewy limbs when she forgets to slather them in SPF, the thought pops…

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Lost Girl S04E02 – Sleeping Beauty School

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After the delightful WTF romp that was last week’s season opener, the Fae world is still missing the unaligned succubus of Bo (Anna Silk), but her friends now aware that she’s missing are pulling out all the stops to find her.

The second episode of the season gives us great character beats right from the get-go, as well as setting up future betrayals, revelations and the beginning of a fantastic series of guest stars that are populating this ever-expanding fantastic world.

First up, it was delightful to see Mind Reel’s friend Christine Horne as one of the menacing, Una Mens, as they conduct their rather extensive ‘interviews’ as they learn what has been going on. Also on deck is Mia Kirshner, after a brief appearance last week, as we begin to learn more about who she is, her powers, and also that we have no idea where her allegiances lay.

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